Is your Cleanroom entrance a source of contamination?

Cleanroom Flexi Mat -  Cleanroom mat service 

Our solution is the flexible Cleanroom FlexiMat concept. The FlexiMat helps prevent bacteria and particles contaminating your critical areas, and it can even reduce airborn contamination.

Cleanroom FlexiMat is an environmentally friendly solution designed for:


  • Contamination Control – Prevents shoes, wheel and airborne contaminants from entering your critical areas. No more spreading of particles when changing mats.
  • Ergonomic use – Involves less movement and bending over, as the FlexiMat does not need changing daily. A service setup with Berendsen will ensure replacement at the right interval.
  • Access Control – Shows a clear distinction between contaminated and clean zones.
  • Safety – All of the cleanroom FlexiMat, including the corners stays attached to the floor, which helps prevent accidents. 
  • Easy cleaning - The cleaning of the mat is done during your standard floor cleaning procedures.  

 ...of the contamination entering
most Cleanroom environments
from shoes and wheels.

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It could be for Fashion, but it's for Cleanrooms only.


It could be for Sports, but it's for Cleanrooms only.
Cleanroom Flexi Mat

Cleanroom Flexi Mat

It could be for VIP's, but it's for Cleanrooms only.